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JLR 8403  

JLR 8400

The compact JLR-8400 GPS navigator is
compatible with Multi GNSS and will provide
accurate position data even in Arctic area, without SBAS and beacoN.



 JLR 8601  


The new JLR-8600 GPS navigator combined
with our trusted 6.5-inch touch display will locate
your position with high accuracy utilizing our
newly designed antenna, providing you with the
comfort of an intuitive operational approach.








The JLR-7900 DGPS navigator will locate your position fast and with high accuracy, keeping the unit compact and easy to install.

• 4.5-inch high brightness display
• Dual color LED backlight
• Proven sensors for high accuracy positioning
• Built in SBAS and RAIM function
• 3 in/outputs (NMEA0183)